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💜 About the project

This app is created and maintained by the Genie team as a token of appreciation for the amazing work that is being done by the Julia language creators, the Julia package creators, and the Julia users from all around the world.

🎖️ Package downloads badges

Create your own GitHub README badge to display total downloads for your package by using and our API, ex
Genie downloads badge.

You can use this Markdown code sample to add the badge to your package's file:
[![Genie Downloads](](

In order to customize the badge, you can pass extra arguments to the API request part of the URL, like this:,-logo:Fortran-color:blue
Each element between the - is a separate argument. The first argument is the label (in this example left empty), the second is thousands separator (the ,), the third is the logo, and the fourth is the color.
Check the documentation for more information about available logos, colors, etc.

🌐 API access

You can use the underlying API to integrate this app with your own web application or web service. Call:

  • /api/v1/regions to get the list of regions
  • /api/v1/packages to get the list of packages
  • /api/v1/stats to query the download stats, ex

You can also access the Swagger documentation for the API at /docs. Many thanks to @jiachengzhang1 for creating `SwagUI.jl`.

Responsible use of the API is mandatory. We have not added any rate limiting or throttling. Please don't abuse the API or you'll ruin it for everybody.

📦 Database download

If you want to get a copy of the underlying database, you can download it here: dev.sqlite

💗 How to contribute

You can contribute to this project by adding or suggesting features, reporting or squashing bugs, or by creating issues and making pull requests on GitHub. If you enjoy it, share the link and spread the word.

⭐ Star Genie on Github

If you enjoy this project please consider starring the Genie.jl GitHub repo. It will help us fund our open source projects.